Thursday 19 July 2012

Perbualan antara Adnin Razak dari Malaysia (Islam Sunni) dengan Tim Gray dari San Jose, California (Kristian Katholik)

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Hari ini hari yang boleh tahan indah la yang aku boleh katakan. Aku sedang melihat atau membaca post2 di wall. Lepas tu aku terbaca kat page American Islamic College, ada sesuatu post, pasal apa ntah. Aku tak ingat. Lepas tu aku pun tengok ada orang 'like' kat post tu. Dan aku tengok orang2 yang like tu, semuanya orang amerika. Jadi, aku pun dengan sajanya nak klik Add Friend kat seorang hamba Allah yang like post tadi tu, bernama Tim Gray. Selepas itu dia pun approve aku.

Kami pun berbual la di facebook chat. Dah nama pun orang putih, mesti lah dia speaking. Jadi, aku pun terpaksalah untuk speaking juga. Aku speaking sikit2 je-sedang belajar-. Mana2 yang korang tengok ayat aku tu macam fasih je, itu aku guna Google Translate kerana aku percaya bahawa Allah menjadikan sesuatu itu tidak sia-sia.(cewah).

Aku taknak bercerita panjang, jadi, inilah perbualan aku dengan Tim Gray. Kami berbual tentang kehidupan Islam di Amerika. Okey2 aku taknak membebel lagi. Silakan untuk baca ...

Thank you for your "Friend" request. My goodness, you are so far away! What brings you to my FB page?

I see you was liked a page of American Islamic College.-Adnin

tim-And why not? ... Muslims are my Brothers and Sisters, too. They are my friends, my neighbors, and just as "American" as I am... 
The more we learn about each other, the more we realize we are not so much different, at all! Do you agree?

adnin-Thats all..alhamdulillah..i am muslim and i from malaysia. In my country, islam is the main religion here. so, where are you come from, friend? 

  • tim-I am a Catholic Christian living in San Jose, California, USA
  • A dear friend, a Muslim, is a photgrapher here in California as well:

  • adnin-ok..i wanna ask u something,,,american islamic college,,thats place just for muslim,,or all of religion?

    • tim-I believe all of the students are Muslim, I am certain they are open to all people of every faith tradition.
    • A friend (Muslim) teaches there, that is why I "Like" the school.

      adnin-ohh i,,your friends are muslims also? means your friends at your work place.

      tim-Work place, yes, but also outside of my work place, too.

      adnin-based on your opinion, in the U.S., can the muslims are free to speak out? no oppression?

      tim-Yes...our country's laws are structured so that minorities such as Muslims are protected. But we have our share of idiots who speak against, or try to harm our Muslim neighbors. But they are, fortunately, very few in numbers. A local Mosque held an open house, and invited everybody of all faiths to see the building. Many people came... Christians, Jews, Atheists... and enjoyed meeting the Imam and the people of the Mosque Community. 
      My goodness! You are very inquisitive... are you a student?

      adnin-yes..i am student..great answer,,i wanna ask u more,,Muslims in America do the same with Islam in Europe?
      I mean, in terms of liberty..

      tim-I’m sorry, I cannot answer that question since I am not sure of how Muslims are treated in Europe in terms of liberty… I understand the attitudes in vary in the different European countries.
      Generally, it is difficult being a minority in ANY country, no?

      adnin-ohh..okey3..actually, I had just told my friends about what you are saying. it appears they are proud of islam in usa..

      • tim-Ah, Very well…!
      • You have a very good command of the English language.. a pleasure “talking” to you! I’m afraid I do not know any Malay

        I always think that the American does not give freedom to the Muslims there. because Muslims around the world, some think that the American does not give freedom to the Muslims since the tragedy 11/9..jadi, what do you?

        • tim-Ah, as I mentioned… the vast majority of Americans support freedom for all, including Muslims. BUT there a few stupid people who speak against Muslims and want to harm them… Fortunately, they are very few in numbers…
        • Example, after 9/11 a group of Christians formed “Rings of Protection” around several Mosques, so no one can damage the buildings or hurt the people.

          adnin-oh .. so I want to know, in America, in the center of the Islamic university that truly under the administration of Islam? because after finishing my diploma, God willing I propose to continue a degree in Islamic universities in the U.S. .... so , where I can get it? .. 

          tim-I don’t know
          Check out Zaytuna College here near San Francisco . There are many Maylays here as well … perhaps we will meet in person, Inshallah

 your familiy,,have a muslim?.

          I have Muslim friends

          adnin-ohh the U.S., if in a family, Muslim parents but non-Muslim children, Is there??

          tim-I’m sorry, I don’t know that… I try to “mind my own business”, Here in the US, it is considered not polite to ask about family situations.Since I work here in World famous “Silicon Valley”, I work with people from all over the World … I like that VERY much!
          Oh, By the way

          Ramadan Mubarak! 
          OK, let me ask you a question…
          Do you have Christian friends?

        • adnin-haha...nice to meet you today..sory late..emm,,not yet. you are my 1st of my christian friend.. 

          • tim-We are not bad people..LOL!

          • adnin-how old are you? i'm 19..

            tim-Oh, I’m MUCH older…56

            adnin-wow..very2 much with me..

            tim-I imagine your parents are my age… I can tell they did a very good job raising you.

            adnin-haha..right! my dad's age is same with you...and my mum,,,,i forgot....haha

            tim-If you are interested in life in the US as a Muslim. I suggest reading Eboo Patel.. also check out Keith Ellison, a Muslim Congressman

            • adnin-okey thank you
            • Ramadhan Mubarak...



  1. lol..nice talk with christine think u must include in your chat if you always chat with christine peopla is..tell them about our religion is the best way in life..(ajak dye org msuk islam)..hehe

  2. hohoho...orang yang aku bual tu,,memang berkawan dengan ramai muslim..kawan2 dia ramai muslim..xpelah..kite kalau nak berdakwah dalam bab2 gini, kena slow2..ape2 pun, thnks for reAding :)

  3. interesting

  4. alhamdulillah..syukran kerana sudi membaca:)